You're here on our platform

That means the low-down on our terms is relevant to you. Read on.

Here’s how we’d like this to work.

Before we get into the official legal detail, here in human-speak are our goals for how we want our service to work for you, and how we want to treat you as our user.

When you're a viewer, we will:

  • Try to keep content standards high, for learning and sharing ideas.
    We’ll do our best to ensure the content you see is appropriate, e.g not harmful, violent, or profane.
  • Track use of the platform, to provide generic reports.

    We’ll give channel owners some basic stats on how many viewers visit their channel, events and talks. We won’t give away information about your individual use.

When you're a channel owner, we will:

  • Aim to provide a high quality experience.

    We’ll make every effort to ensure your channel is available as consistently as possible.
  • Take enough info for you to run your channel.

    That means an account to log in and administrate your channel, and some info about your organisation so we can bill you.
  • Support your sharing of useful and educational content.
    We’ll review your content only to ensure it’s appropriate, and also not offending somebody else’s ownership rights. We’ll do our best to protect yours.
  • Be as transparent and fair as we can.

    We’ll do our best to clearly convey our platform terms, features and pricing, and to call out major changes to it.
We hope this sets our terms and privacy in helpful context. Now, you’re ready to wade in.


Information we collect and use

We collect some information in order to provide you this platform, and are careful with how we use it.

When you view content on Eventer, we:

  • Use technologies like cookies to anonymously identify your computer so we can deliver a better experience. For example, if your browser version doesn’t support playing videos, we will be able to tell you about it.
  • Anonymously track usage habits on the site using Google Analytics. We do this to help improve the quality of our product, and to provide channel usage statistics to our channel owners. We don't share your browsing information with other third parties.
  • Use accounts for advanced features like downloads, purchasing events and inviting you to private events. Those accounts use an email, your name and a password. We don’t insist this is your real name, though we like to be able to greet you nicely. We store this information to support access to those features, and don’t share it with anyone.
  • May email you occasionally to tell you about Eventer, but will not share your email address with any other company.

In addition to above, when you own a channel on Eventer we:

  • Collect sufficient information about you in order to know you have the authority to represent your organisation, and to ensure we can bill you. This means we collect a company name, along with basic contact information. We also store your desired domain ( as the access point for viewers to your channel. We don’t share this information with anyone.
  • Let you load text, images and videos to represent yourself on your channel, as governed by our terms. Information you choose to put on channels and on public events is publicly available. We don’t share this content with anyone other than via the platform and its mechanisms as used by you (including the embedded player).

Access and deletion of your information.

You can view, change or delete your information.

You can sign into your account to view or delete any personally identifiable information we have stored, such as your name or address. On cancelling your channel, the content will be marked for deletion and then removed as part of regular cleanup activities. If you wish for your content to be immediately removed, you can request this from us.

We may retain historical general traffic usage data indefinitely.

Keeping your data safe.

We take reasonable measures designed to protect your information from unauthorised access.

This includes providing password protection around our administration features and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for our administration and login pages.

We use third party solutions to provide Eventer, including cloud hosting of our customer data and our video content. We use Engineyard to host our application, and behind this sits Amazon for storing video and customer information. These companies are bound by their own strict privacy and data security terms, governed under US Law.

In rare circumstances - e.g if working with another technical development company - they may have access to the information held in the platform. Their use of this information is limited to the purpose of their engagement, and is subject to agreements that require them to keep the information confidential and take reasonable measures to keep it safe.


If Eventer is merged with or acquired by another company, the information will be transferred. We will attempt to notify you by email before any transfer takes place and potentially becomes subject to a different privacy policy.


Our privacy policy was last updated on 22 September 2014.

It may change from time to time. If we make a significant change (as determined by us) we will send a notification to you by email or on the application itself.

Talk to us.

If you have any concerns about your data or our use of it, please ask.